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Restricting Source Domains

Restricted domains disabled by default. This means that you can fetch a resource from any URL. To enable the domain restriction, change in config/parameters.yml

restricted_domains: true

After enabling, you need to put the white listed domains


Signature Generation

Based on this RFC Signature Generation was added to Flyimg in order to avoid DDOS attacks.

First you need to edit security_key and security_iv in parameters.yml file and add a proper values. Than any request to Fyimg app will throw an error unless it's encrypted.

To generate the encrypted url you need to run this command:

docker exec flyimg php app.php encrypt w_200,h_200,c_1/

it'll return something like this:

Hashed request: TGQ1WWRKVGUrZUpoNmJMc2RMUENPL2t6ZDJkWkdOejlkM0p0U0F3WTgxOU5IMzF3U3R0d2V4b3dqbG52cFRTSFZDcmhrY1JnaGZYOHJ3V0NpZDNNRmc9PQ==

Now you can request the image throw this new url: